Testimonials and Reviews

Do TRUE Energy Infrared Socks Work?

I was skeptical at first, like how can a sock give you energy and help make your feet feel better? Well I was proven wrong! They are amazing! I will be buying more. Looking forward to summer this year in comfortable socks that don't bind my toes

Kirsten B.

I was always a Bombas fan but am now a TRUEENERGY® fan. Better socks, better value!

Mark S.

Best socks ever. No more foot pain.

Marie G.

I'm always on the hunt for running socks that live up to the hype. I was pleasantly surprised that these socks did! They stayed in place and my feet weren't sore after a long run. Definitely going to buy more pairs!

Lila Z.

I love these socks! They really do wrap your feet in comfort and energy! I use them when I play tennis and my feet never get tired!

Kathryne W.

Love love love these socks! They are super comfortable! I'm throwing out all my old socks and just wearing these from now on!!

Andrea H.

Well... My friend told me about these socks she had bought, called TRUEENERGY® and said that I had to try them out, they were simply amazing! She even brought her socks by for me to try on, well... I was totally sold! They support your feet and feel so soft at the same time. I bought these amazing socks for me, my sons, and grandkiddos! Definitely hoping they will go on sale again to purchase more! You will want to buy extras!!! Everyone Loves them!

Kathy M.

I play pickleball 3 hours every morning, sometimes another 2-3 in the evening. These socks have absolutely made a difference for my feet. Dramatic reduction in foot fatigue and my feet are not sore after playing, nor are the achy the next day. Love them!

Susan D.

The minute I put these socks on, my feet felt cushioned, supported, and full of energy! I wore them as I ran a 5K today. Even though I didn't have a PR, I felt great the whole race - even the last 1.5 miles which were a gradual uphill the entire way! Thank you!

Tanya G.

I purchased both the socks and knee compression sleeves and love them. The have made my knees and feet tolerate the rigors of workouts with less pain and easier recovery.

Shelley W.