Men's Compression Socks for Travel


Traveling is fun, yet it can also wreak havoc on your feet and legs if you aren’t careful. Next time you have to go on a long trip, make sure to pack a pair of TRUEENERGY® Knee High Travel Socks! TRUEENERGY® socks have all the most innovative comfort and design features and are powered by our proprietary Cellular Performance Technology that is woven right into the socks.  It improves circulation, drives cellular regeneration and speeds up healing leaving feet feeling amazing.  The ultimate in comfort and performance.

These unique travel socks feature mild, graduated compression (8-15mmHG) and NASA-inspired infrared technology that transforms your body’s heat into infrared energy. The combination of compression and infrared energy helps you stay comfortable, travel longer and focus on the journey and not your feet. Easy to put on and go, they provide the support you need and when it’s time to rest aid in your recovery too.

Our knee high socks also feature:

  • Multi-directional compression stretches for easy on, easy off.
  • Support for soreness and muscle stiffness.
  • Moisture wicking fabric that transports moisture away from the skin to the sock's outer surface.
  • Arch Band Compression reduces sock movement, thereby helping reduce the possibility of blisters.
  • Strategic Cushioning for added support and comfort.

Men’s Travel Socks

Wearing compression socks for travel will make your feet feel much fresher once you arrive at your destination. They’ll prevent your legs from swelling as much as usual on a plane, which makes a huge difference when you have to walk around a lot once you land. Once you add in all of the other useful features, you’ll never know how you traveled without them in the past.

Benefits of Travel Socks

Compression socks work by applying gentle pressure to your legs and feet. This pressure helps to reduce the amount of fluid that can build up in your legs and feet, which can lead to swelling. The benefits that TRUEENERGY® Knee High Compression Socks bring are unmatched and keep you moving longer.

Benefits they offer during training and everyday wear include:

  • Therapeutic: If you want your feet to feel better and heal more quickly, our Knee High Compression Socks are perfect!
  • Assistance with medical conditions: They provide assistance with a wide number of different medical conditions, including plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.
  • Perfect for airplanes: These socks make it so much easier to be on an airplane. You won’t experience the same level of swelling as usual.
  • Accelerated recovery time: The infrared features in our cushioned, compression crews help promote circulation, leading to an accelerated recovery time. This is especially beneficial if you’re an athlete who is looking to get back into the game as quickly as possible.
  • Supports muscles and joints: The compression in our Knee High Socks provides support for muscles and joints. This can help prevent injuries, as well as improve your performance.
  • Relieves fatigue: The mild, graduated compression teamed with the infrared energy in TRUEENERGY® Knee High socks help give you flexibility while also energizing your feet and legs.
  • Anti-odor and moisture control properties: You’ll enjoy the fact that these socks keep your feet fresh and dry all day long. This means you can wear them on your toughest days without having to worry about unpleasant odors or swamp feet.
  • Enhanced comfort and fit: Features such as an expanded heel pocket, a seamless toe, arch band compression and support, strategic cushioning, and a reinforced toe keep you from dealing with the discomfort and distractions of blisters or bunched fabric.

Experience the Positive Energy of Travel Socks Today

Whether you’re an athlete or someone who just wants their feet to feel better, TRUEENERGY® Compression Socks are perfect for travel. The socks help prevent swelling and make it easier to be on your feet all day long. Whether by plane, train, or automobile, try out TRUEENERGY® Compression Socks during your next trip. You’ll be so glad you did!


What compression socks are best for flying?

When flying, it's best to choose compression socks that offer a balance of comfort and effectiveness. TRUEENERGY® Knee High Travel Socks are highly recommended due to their unique features, including graduated compression (8-15mmHg) and NASA-inspired Cellular Performance Technology that is woven right into the socks. These socks provide the right level of support to help reduce swelling and promote circulation during your flight.

How long before a flight should I put on compression socks?

Flying in an airplane typically involves prolonged periods of sitting, which can lead to swelling in the feet and legs, resulting in considerable discomfort. When used properly, compression socks can mitigate this discomfort by enhancing blood circulation while you are in a seated position.

To maximize the benefits of compression socks, it's advisable to put them on at least 1-2 hours before your flight, or at least right before you board. If it is your first time wearing them, it gives you the chance to see how they work and feel before your flight. It also gives the socks ample time to provide the desired compression and improve blood flow, reducing the chances of swelling and discomfort during your journey.

What kind of compression socks should I get for flying?

When selecting compression socks for flying, look for options like TRUEENERGY® Travel Socks that offer graduated compression and incorporate infrared technology. These socks are designed to enhance comfort, reduce fatigue, and promote circulation, making them an excellent choice for air travel.

How long can you wear compression socks when traveling?

You can wear compression socks, such as TRUEENERGY® Travel Socks, throughout your entire travel duration. These socks are engineered for extended use and are comfortable for all-day wear. They provide continuous support and help minimize the risk of leg swelling and fatigue, even on long journeys.

Do compression socks help prevent blood clots when flying?

Yes, compression socks like TRUEENERGY® Knee High Compression Socks play a vital role in preventing blood clots during flights. They work by improving blood circulation in the legs and reducing the likelihood of blood pooling or clot formation. Wearing these socks can significantly enhance your in-flight comfort and safety, especially during long-haul travel.