Women's Athletic Mild Compression Socks


When it comes to chasing your fitness goals, Great Performance Starts Feet First! That’s why we made TRUEENERGY® Fitness Socks to keep your feet cool, dry, and supported no matter how intense your cardio, strength-training, mobility or distance running regimen is!

Our TRUEENERGY® socks have the most innovative comfort and design features and are powered by our proprietary Cellular Performance Technology(CPT) that is woven right into the socks.  It improves circulation, drives cellular regeneration and speeds up healing leaving feet feeling amazing.  The ultimate in comfort and performance.

Plus, the innovative design of TRUEENERGY® Fitness Socks makes them perfect for a range of activities, from running and hiking to strength training and yoga. Whatever your fitness goals may be, our socks will help you to achieve them and feel great doing so!

Women’s Gym Socks

TRUEENERGY® Gym Socks are designed to provide best-in-class moisture wicking! Our fitness socks feature specialty blended fabric with mesh venting to keep your feet comfortable and supported, letting you focus on the task at hand whether it’s strength training, cardio, mobility or agility. As an added benefit these socks offer superior moisture control and anti-odor properties–absorbing sweat and bacteria before they have a chance to build up. You can say goodbye to swamp feet and hello to more time spent enjoying your workout and feeling fresh!  

Because of the way TRUEENERGY® Fitness Socks are made, you’ll feel more energized by wearing them. All the features listed below will also combine to leave you feeling flat-out amazing:

  • Natural softness and breathability
  • Comfort welt top with seamless toe
  • Expanded heel pocket provides a perfect fit
  • Mesh venting provides improved airflow

Our fitness socks go far beyond most that are on the market with scientific innovation that helps you ignite your true energy. Maximize your speed, grip, and stability, so you can push harder and stay comfortable doing so with TRUEENERGY® Fitness Socks today!

Ladies Fitness CrossFit Socks

When it comes to fitness, you play just as hard as men and demand a sock that works as hard as you do. Fortunately, there are products like TRUEENERGY® Women’s Fitness Recovery Socks that are always working and generating energy for you while you chase your fitness goals.  You can feel the positive energy every step of the way. 

TRUEENERGY® Women’s CrossFit Socks contain the same NASA-inspired technology (CPT) that makes our socks the perfect fitness companion, with the addition of strategic cushioning exactly where you need it. This cushioning protects against blisters and chafing, two of the main issues women often have with their workout gear. The result? You perform better, have more energy and recover faster. Trust TRUEENERGY® for all your fitness needs but our socks are also perfect for everyday wear, travel, and therapy.  One brand can do it all for your feet.   

TRUEENERGY® Women’s Fitness Socks come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose the ones that best suit your taste. Whether you prefer a more subtle look or something that really pops, we have the perfect socks for you.

Choose from a variety of TRUEENERGY® Women’s Fitness Socks, such as:

Each sock is made to meet your specific needs as you work out! Once you’re done, you’ll feel amazing and energized with TRUEENERGY® socks.

Feel the Energy!

TRUEENERGY® is your ultimate training partner, and our socks provide the perfect gear for all your training needs. Enjoy the benefits of comfort, support, and highest quality that also supply the energy to motivate and move you! We offer a wide variety of fitness socks for everyone, so be sure to shop our collection and experience the TRUEENERGY® difference for yourself.



What type of sock is best for walking?

For walking, we recommend a lightweight compression sock. TRUEENERGY®'s Women's Fitness Socks provide graduated compression and moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your feet comfortable and fresh during walking. The breathable, lightweight fabric keeps your feet dry and cool, helping you to conquer trails and tracks. TRUEENERGY® compression socks with infrared energy tech also help stimulate blood flow and keep your feet energized. This makes them ideal for walking, as well as other fitness activities.

How high should gym socks be?

Gym socks can be anywhere from ankle-length to mid-calf. The ideal height depends on the types of activities you'll be doing and your personal preference. Ankle socks are good for weight training and high-intensity workouts where you want your ankles free to move. Mid-calf length socks are popular for cardio and provide more coverage and support. The most important thing to remember when it comes to gym socks is that they should be moisture-wicking and help keep your feet comfortable during your workout. Compression socks, like TRUEENERGY®'s, are designed to deliver gentle, gradient pressure and come in all heights, sizes and colors.

Are thick socks better for walking?

Thicker socks can provide more cushioning and comfort for walking, especially over long distances. However, thicker socks are not necessarily better for walking, and it depends on the conditions and your personal preference. TRUEENERGY®'s Walking and Athletic Socks provide just the right amount of padding and breathability you need for walking. The material wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.

Are compression socks good for walking all day?

Yes, compression socks can be excellent for walking all day. Many walkers find that compression socks help their feet feel more energized and less sore at the end of a long day on their feet. Compression socks provide gentle pressure that helps improve circulation, which reduces fatigue and swelling in your feet and legs. This makes them ideal for prolonged walking or standing. The compression also provides support for your arches and ankles, which can help prevent pain from conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Is it good to wear compression socks while exercising?

Yes. TRUEENERGY® Athletic Socks are powered with NASA-inspired infrared energy. When this is combined with the mild, graduated compression in our athletic socks, it improves circulation, which helps deliver more oxygen to your muscles. This can boost performance and reduce recovery time. The compression also helps reduce swelling in your feet and lower legs during and after exercise. Many athletes wear compression socks or sleeves during training and competition to gain these benefits.