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75 years. We’ve been a leading sock company since 1946. In fact, our corporate headquarters resides in one of our original hosiery mills in Hickory, North Carolina which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  See our amazing history here.

TRUEENERGY® Infrared Technology uses high-tech yarn with infrared nano-particles blended into it. Your body’s natural heat ignites these tiny particles to produce safe and effective infrared energy, which is absorbed into your body. This expands your capillaries, which improves circulation and stimulates cellular recovery. The result is relaxed muscles, temporary pain relief, and reduced swelling. Perfect for fitness performance, long days on your feet or any active lifestyle. For more on our groundbreaking technology, click here.

We’ve got it all. There are socks for men and women in a wide variety of styles: Lightweight liners and low-cut socks that can’t be seen in your shoe. No-Show socks with a tab that protects your heel from rubbing. Crew socks. Over-the-calf socks. All of them providing comfort, quality, durability and innovation. See our product page for the full collection.

Please use the sizing chart here as a guide. TRUEENERGY® socks are constructed with a secure fit system to help prevent bunching and blisters.  Our socks offer a unique Comfort Blend design to provide all-day wear.  When in between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Machine Wash COLD, Gentle Cycle. Do not bleach or use fabric softeners. Tumble Dry Low Heat, Gentle cycle.  For best results wash inside out.

The TRUEENERGY® knee sleeve provides a whole new level of joint support. It’s embedded with infrared-technology fibers which provides all-day comfort while providing support and flexibility. When combined with your body’s natural heat it forms infrared energy which improves circulation and speeds up healing and tissue regeneration. It’s lightweight, soft and breathable. Ideal for fitness and everyday use. Made for comfort and performance. 

TRUEENERGY®  ships through USPS 1st Class Mail. Our Standard Shipping rate is $4.95.  Free Shipping on orders of $55 or more, within the United States. Free shipping is determined after all discounts and before taxes. Shipping is available within the U.S. only; no international orders are accepted.

Orders are estimated to take between 5-7 days for delivery. Transit times vary, based on distance from our warehouse in Hickory, NC. To inquire about the status of your shipment, contact Consumer Care,

TRUEENERGY® socks are designed to last. We offer a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects on all of our products purchased on .  Products deemed defective may be sent to the below address along with a copy of the receipt. The cost of the return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

After we receive your return, please allow 5-7 business days for replacement socks to be sent.  Washing instructions must be followed for product to qualify for replacement.

Please ship package to:
74 8th Street 
Suite 220
Hickory, NC 28602

We stand by our product. If you are not completely satisfied with your TrueEnergy® purchase or gift, simply return the item within 60 days of purchase for a refund or replacement. The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee begins the day your order ships and only products purchased on qualify.  

All products must be returned in their original condition.

Initial shipping fees are non-returnable.

Washing instructions must be followed for product to qualify for refund or replacement.

The cost of the return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

If you do not have the original packing slip, please include a note inside the return package with the following information: reason for return, order number, purchaser’s name, address, and telephone number.  

Please note, upon TrueEnergy® receiving your returned package. it can take up to 10 days for your refund to be credited 

Refunds will be issued in the payment form that they were originally received.  

If your returned items were purchased using a coupon or promotion, we will subtract the value of the coupon or promotion from your return credit.

We love hearing from our valued customers.  Contact us by email at or call us Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm EST 1-800-395-4290.

The yarn in TRUEENERGY® socks is made of tiny ceramic crystals that have been ground into a powder and infused into the polyester yarn. When the TRUEENERGY® socks are worn, the natural heat from your body is captured by the ceramic crystals and then reflected back into the body as infrared energy.

Yes, Infrared Energy is safe and has been proven to improve blood circulation, help speed up healing and tissue regeneration, and provide temporarily relieve of pain and swelling. Infrared is part of our natural environment. You can’t see infrared light with your naked eye, but it’s easy to prove that it exists. Take for example sunlight, although its rays aren’t visible, we can feel the warmth of the infrared rays on a sunny day.

Our TRUEENERGY® socks start working as soon as you begin wearing them. Some individuals can feel the difference in their pain and swelling almost immediately while others have noticed a more gradual transition over a longer period of time from a few days to a month. Whether worn while at rest or on the go, the Infrared technology in our TRUEENERGY® socks is working to help improve your performance, energy, and recovery.

The Infrared Technology crystals in our TRUEENERGY® socks are infused into the yarn and cannot be washed out. The technology will last for the life of the product.

Yes, TRUEENERGY® socks does offer coupon codes. Sign up for our email newsletter below to get the latest discount codes. Additionally, sale items are avaialble on the Mens Sales page and Wonem's Sales page

Absolutely, compression socks are known to enhance athletic performance by improving blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue. TRUENERGY® Men’s Recovery Performance Sockselevate this benefit with NASA-inspired Cellular Performance Technology. The socks offer a mild compression level of 8-15mmHg, coupled with Infrared Technology, making them particularly beneficial for athletes. They aid in conditions like plantar fasciitis and are designed to optimize performance, making them an excellent choice for those pursuing fitness goals.

The recommended duration for wearing compression socks can vary based on individual needs and specific medical advice. Generally, wearing them for most of the day is beneficial. TRUENERGY® Men’s Recovery Performance Socks are engineered for both comfort and durability, making them suitable for extended wear. Whether you're an athlete requiring muscle recovery or someone who spends long hours on their feet, these socks are designed to provide continuous benefits.

TRUENERGY® Men’s Recovery Compression Socks are designed to start working immediately upon wear. The high-tech yarn infused with infrared nanoparticles activates with your body's natural heat, improving circulation and speeding up tissue regeneration right away. Some users report immediate benefits, while others experience a more gradual improvement over a period ranging from a few days to a month, making them versatile in delivering timely relief.

The required strength of compression varies depending on individual needs and medical conditions. TRUENERGY® Men’s Compression Performance Socks offer a mild graduated compression level, ranging from 8-15mmHg, which is ideal for both everyday wear and athletic activities. For those with specific medical conditions, it's advisable to consult a healthcare provider for personalized recommendations, ensuring you get the most appropriate level of compression.

Yes, medical compression socks are typically prescribed for specific medical conditions and are available in various compression strengths, measured in mmHg. In contrast, TRUENERGY® Mild Compression Performance Socks for men are designed for general use and athletic performance. They offer therapeutic benefits, such as aiding in conditions like arthritis and plantar fasciitis, with a mild compression level of 8-15mmHg, making them versatile for a range of activities and needs.