Men's Compression Basketball Socks

Men's Compression Basketball Socks

Are you searching for a great pair of compression socks to help you excel on the basketball court or during practice? Look no further than TRUEENERGY® Compression Basketball Socks for men! These socks are designed to provide you with the support and energy you need to motivate you to perform your best. They also have infrared nanotechnology woven into the material. When combined with your body’s natural heat, the tech forms infrared energy to improve circulation and tissue regeneration—promoting recovery and performance.

Benefits of Men's Compression Basketball Socks

TRUEENERGY® Compression Basketball Socks for Men are designed to provide ultimate comfort, support and performance, whether you’re out on the court, or just shooting some hoops. The breathable fabric keeps your feet dry and comfortable, while graduated compression helps provide better blood flow and excellent arch support. The cushioning over the toe and heel provides extra shock absorption, which helps protect your feet from impact. In addition, infrared nanotechnology boosts energy levels and helps improve circulation to keep you performing at your peak. Moisture-wicking fabric in the socks keeps your feet dry and comfortable, no matter how long you’re out on the court.


You'll be inspired to play your best game ever with TRUEENERGY® Basketball Fitness Socks. Choose from colorful or black styles to complete your game-day look.


TRUEENERGY® Basketball Socks for men also feature:


  • Reinforced heel and toe provide extra durability
  • A cool look that will make you stand out on the court.
  • Mesh venting for improved airflow
  • Antimicrobial properties to reduce odors
  • The arch band helps keep the sock in place and ward off blisters
  • InfraRed ceramic crystals won't wash out — remaining effective for the life of the product


Shoot the Hoops and Make Every Move Count with TRUEENERGY® Compression Basketball Socks

TRUEENERGY® Compression Basketball Socks are the perfect choice for any player who wants superior comfort, support and performance when on the court. So lace up your Basketball Socks inside your shoes and get ready to make every move count. Select your pair and experience the TRUEENERGY® difference today!