Women’s Pickleball & Tennis Socks


Looking for socks to help you perform your best on the court? Look no further than TRUEENERGY®’s Tennis and Pickleball socks! Whether you're just starting to hit the courts or are a seasoned pro, our socks are designed to provide you with the comfort and performance you need to win. We believe that Great Performance Starts Feet First.


Our TRUEENERGY® socks have the most innovative comfort and design features and are powered by our proprietary Cellular Performance Technology(CPT) that is woven right into the socks.  It improves circulation, drives cellular regeneration and speeds up healing leaving feet feeling amazing.  The ultimate in comfort and performance. Our socks also offer the best in impact protection and blister prevention, which is a must-have for these fast-paced sports. Plus, each pair contains our NASA-inspired infrared technology (CPT) that transforms your body’s heat into infrared energy to help you perform better and for longer. This benefit will never stop, either, as the CPT is infused into the yarn!


TRUEENERGY®’s Tennis and Pickleball socks come in various sizes to suit every foot type. And with our advanced fabrics, these socks keep your feet cool and dry, no matter how long you're on the court or how many sets you play. The strength of our socks will keep you from having to replace them frequently, and the motivation you feel when you’re wearing TRUEENERGY® socks can truly inspire you.


Here are some of the key benefits our socks offer:


  • High-quality cushioning provides the support you need to stay agile on the court.
  • The durable design lets you keep playing your best game, season after season.
  • NASA-inspired cellular performance technology transforms your body's heat into infrared energy to help you perform better and longer, allowing you to become the best version of yourself.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric ensures your feet stay cool, dry, and fresh, no matter how long you play.
  • Expanded heel pocket and seamless toe mean the sock never slides around and provides a comfortable, snug fit.
  • Infrared performance compression technology supports your muscles and enhances circulation, so you can recover quicker and go farther without tiring.

Women’s Tennis and Pickleball Socks

Keep a pair of women’s tennis and pickleball socks on hand for when you hit the courts. Our socks deliver all-day comfort and performance, letting you focus on your game, not your feet. Plus, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable while you play. With sizes ranging from small to X-large, we have options for every foot type so that you can stay confident and motivated in every step, whatever your skill level. Whether you're a casual player or an aspiring pro, our women's tennis and pickleball socks are sure to help take your game up a notch.


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  • Women’s Performance No Show Socks
  • Women’s Sport Cushioned Ankle Socks
  • Women’s Performance Crew Socks