Men's Mild Compression Liner Socks

TRUEENERGY® Ultra Light Liner Socks for Men perfectly combine comfort with durability. Made with yarn infused with infrared technology, these socks provide maximum energy without any heat, which will help you be at your very best every day. Moisture wicking and advanced compression features, give your feet everything they need with TRUEENERGY®.

Active Recovery Liner Socks

Ease into TRUEENERGY® Ultra-Light Liner Socks–your hidden weapon for active recovery. Infused with our Cellular Performance Technology (CPT), these recovery socks boost circulation and speed up the healing of muscle fibers by facilitating cellular regeneration. Ideal for men seeking invisible yet powerful support, they provide targeted pain relief and enhanced oxygenation. Suitable for workouts, running, or daily activities, the sock's compression works together with CPT to assist in the repair of muscle microtears. The lightweight, seamless design ensures comfort, while the sock’s innovative fabric promotes airflow and moisture control. Equipped with a reinforced toe, heel, and an arch band for mild compression, these socks keep your feet light and supported.

Liner Sock Features:

  • Lightweight thin design with no cushioning for everyday wear
  • Natural breathability and softness
  • Comfort welt top with seamless toe construction
  • Expanded heel pocket for a perfect fit
  • Mesh venting for improved air flow
  • Specialty blended fabric with moisture control
  • The Infrared ceramic crystals do not wash out and remain effective for the life of the product.


  • 67% Infrared Infused Polyester, 17% Cotton, 12% Nylon, 4% Spandex

Liner Socks Description

If you prefer a sock that needs no introduction, these socks are tailor-made for you. Designed to stay hidden in your shoes while still providing the support you need for all day wear, these lightweight, thin socks are ideal for the days when you don’t want excess cushioning.

As your everyday sock, you’ll appreciate special features such as an expanded heel pocket, which provides the perfect fit. You’ll receive all the benefits of TRUEENERGY’s® infrared energy technology, including help with tissue regeneration and improved circulation.

Benefits of Our Ultra Light Liner Compression Socks 

Our Ultra Light Liner Socks feature mesh venting for improved air flow. You’ll also love the seamless toe construction and comfort welt top. Additionally, we’ve included specialty blended fabrics for improved moisture control.

Although these socks have less cushioning included than some of our other options, they still offer a reinforced toe and heel to ensure you’re comfortable all day long. Plus, you’ll enjoy the added comfort of our arch band, which comes with mild compression to keep you feeling light on your feet.


Get the very best fit with our Ultra Light Liner Socks. These socks are available in S/M and L/XL sizes. They won’t bunch up or cause blisters, either! Get a pair today to start wearing the most comfortable socks imaginable. To determine what size is perfect for your feet, please consult our size guide


Taking good care of your feet with highly developed sock technology is our top goal. Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions to help you choose the right pair of socks.

What Activity is Best for Liner Socks?

Liner socks combine fashion and innovative tech to deliver durability and maximum comfort for all day wear. They are versatile enough to be worn for any activity, from running and playing sports to working out or even just lounging around the house.

What Makes TRUEENERGY® Socks Different?

Our socks all feature infrared ceramic crystals. Unlike other socks, these crystals have been ground and permanently infused into the polymer yarn that’s used to make them. In other words, it won’t matter if this is your first or five-hundredth time wearing them. You’ll still receive the same benefits, including a boost in performance and recovery. These long-lasting socks will provide the performance that you can rely on!  

Will My Feet Be Able to Breathe?

TRUEENERGY® is proud to make our Ultra Light Liner Socks with breathability and natural softness. Therefore, whenever you wear our socks, your feet will definitely be able to breathe. We also incorporate moisture wicking technology to ensure that you’ll never feel like your feet are drowning in sweat. All in all, this makes our Ultra Light Liner Socks a true pleasure to wear every single day. 

TrueENERGY’s® Ultra Light Liner Socks

Every athlete needs a good, all-purpose Ultra Light Liner Sock. These socks are also a good fit for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. Treat your feet to the very best with TRUEENERGY® socks! Your feet will thank you as they luxuriate in true comfort.