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TRUEENERGY® Performance Compression Socks

TRUEENERGY® socks are powered by Infrared Technology. When combined with your body’s natural heat it forms infrared energy which improves circulation and speeds up healing and tissue regeneration resulting in enhanced recovery, optimum performance and more energy.  



NASA research found that red light combined with an infrared light stimulates energy production within cells, boosting tissue regeneration and the healing process. TRUEENERGY® uniquely applies this research to the yarn in our signature series of socks.

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I have used TRUEENERGY® socks for a couple of weeks now during the most physically demanding phase of my training for the upcoming masters track and field world championships in Spain. They seem to make a real difference in reducing soreness and speeding recovery.

George Haywood

Masters Sprinter & World Champion

For all the runners out there, these new TRUEENERGY® socks are the perfect all-in-one for my workouts. Whether I do a short track run or a long distance road course these TRUEENERGY® Over The Calf socks are excellent for the run and the recovery. As a long time runner, these sock are functional and keep my legs fresh as well as stylish.

Danny Baucom

Athletic Trainer

I want to throw away all my other socks.

Lesa B.

I call these ‘socks from the future.’ I wear them to work. I sit for long periods of time and my legs used to get restless. No more. These socks from the future are amazing!

Jen F.

Great socks. Will buy these again—they are excellent. So comfortable.

Carter G.

These socks fit well, did not slide down my ankles, and are well reinforced. They are comfortable and well made.

Jim R.

These socks are soft and super comfortable. I wear them after my morning workouts as I continue on with my day and they truly helped alleviate my usual leg soreness. Great for recovery. Highly recommend!

Megan F.

I really am impressed with these socks. They soothe my feet from pain and numbness.


Love these socks! These are the perfect socks for someone who works out or is on their feet a lot. I had forgotten how sore I can be after a workout and these socks definitely help. I’m on my feet a lot on the job, so compression socks are a must. I was excited to see that these socks worked for both work and working out.  No complaints. Well made and held up perfectly in the wash.

Todd M.

Great support socks!!!! Happy feet for a hairdresser!!

Laura S.

Amazing socks! Incredible performance while working out—with amazing compression and great fit. Even better post-workout in soothing and comforting my tired feet. I have started wearing them every day and it has made a huge difference in how my feet feel at the end of a long day. Love, love, love these socks!!!


These are the best socks I own! Over the last six months, I have been working out with a trainer five days a week. One of the most noticeable effects was how sore I was in between sessions and my knees began bothering me. I found these TRUEENERGY® socks and thought they might help with my recovery so I tried them out. I began wearing them as soon as I got home at night and immediately noticed a difference in how much less sore my feet and calves felt. I decided to wear them to sleep in and they have made a big difference in my recovery time and even my knees started feeling less sore after leg days.

Eric K.

As somebody who works on the feet all day long, I was recommended to these compression socks by a friend. They have become life-changing. I can already feel the relief in my calves and feet. These compression socks have made my job so much easier now that I’m not in constant pain. These high-quality compression socks provide pressure relief. I highly recommend this brand.

Liza S.



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