TRUEENERGY® socks are powered by infrared nano-particles blended into the yarn. Your body’s heat is captured by the nano-particles to produce infrared energy. Infrared energy expands your capillaries which improves circulation, stimulates cellular recovery and accelerates metabolism.

Benefits of TRUEENERGY Technology:

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Over the Calf (OTC)

Additional colors available.

“I enjoy wearing TRUEENERGY socks which provide the best compression technology I have ever worn. I’m on my feet 12 hours a day for consultations and operating therefore my feet can get very fatigued. Compression combined with their unique Infrared technology produces a soothing comfort and recovery for my feet. This breakthrough technology uniquely incorporated into TRUEENERGY socks is a solution for all of us who stand, move and work on our feet daily.”

Dr. McCoy Moretz, MDBeverly Hills, CA

“I have used TRUEENERGY socks for a couple of weeks now during the most physically demanding phase of my training for the upcoming masters track and field world championships in Spain. They seem to make a real difference in reducing soreness and speeding recovery.”

George HaywoodMasters Sprinter & World Champion

“For all the runners out there, these new TRUEENERGY socks are the perfect all-in-one for my workouts. Whether I do a short track run or a long distance road course these TRUEENERGY Over The Calf socks are excellent for the run and the recovery. As a long time runner, these sock are functional and keep my legs fresh as well as stylish.”

Danny BaucomAthletic Trainer

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Grandview Hosiery, LLC is the exclusive sockwear licensee for TRUEENERGY®