Compression Socks Size Guide

size charts for women's and men's compression socks

Compression Sock Size Guide

Gender Shoe Size (US) TRUEENERGY® Sock Size
Women 6.5-10 S/M
Women 10.5-14 L/XL
Men 6-9.5 S/M
Men 10-14.5 L/XL

Compression Sock Height

Compression Knee Sleeve Size Guide

Frequently asked questions

How do you know what size compression socks to get?

TRUEENERGY® has a handy sizing guide page for men and women that helps you easily match shoe size to sock size. Simply go to the table, pick your gender, reference your shoe size and then pick out your size of compression socks. Then you have what you need to order TRUEENERGY® socks with infrared technology.

How tight should compression socks be?

Compression socks should fit snugly but not too tight. If your socks feel uncomfortably snug, you may need to adjust your sizing. TRUEENERGY® uses special technology and an innovative design to make their socks. They will energize you while also helping to keep you comfortable. It may be the best sock you ever wear!

Is it better to have too big or too small socks?

To keep feet healthy and avoid injuries, it is always better to have socks that fit properly. Too small of a sock can cause discomfort and pain, while too large a one won’t give you the level of compression needed to maximize the benefits. TRUEENERGY® has a sizing guide available so you can get accurate measurements of your shoes to choose the perfect pair of socks.

What is the difference between 15-20 mmHg compression socks?

The 15-20 mmHg represents the amount of compression the sock provides. The higher the mmHg, the tighter your socks should be. TRUEENERGY® offers a range of 8-15 mmHg of mild, graduated pressure in our compression socks so that you can find the right level of support for your feet and legs. This level of pressure helps keep fatigue at bay and makes sure your feet stay energized during everyday wear.

What height should cycling socks be?

How high cycling socks should be is a personal preference. Some cyclists swear by socks that fall an inch below the calf, while others say that six inches above the shoe is the sweet spot. There are even some cyclists that wear liner-type socks to avoid tan lines. Just so long as your cycling socks come up higher than your shoe, it should work. TRUEENERGY®'s Compression Cycling Socks are designed to provide superior comfort and performance for all types of cycling.