What Are The Best Performance Socks For Running?

What Are The Best Performance Socks For Running?

The right socks are just as important as the right shoes, and they can help you run faster, longer and with less pain. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked by most, which is a shame. The truth is that a good pair of socks can make all the difference when it comes down to your performance on race day or during training sessions. You might not think about this when you're getting ready to go for a run, but it's true; your feet will thank you later if they have the right protection on them. 

What are Performance Socks?

It’s proven that even the slightest change in attire can improve performance while running, and that goes for performance socks, too. That said, performance socks are designed to help you improve and maintain your performance during a workout. They're made for running, cycling or other physical activities where the feet need support. 

In fact, not all performance socks fall under the heading of functional apparel. TRUEENERGY® offers the definitive functional advantage due to TRUEENERGY®’s infrared technology that truly gives back and fuels your activities. Our innovative performance socks help with tissue regeneration, improved circulation and faster recovery. 

Additionally, performance socks have a surprising role in supporting runners. By providing them additional grip that stabilizes their feet inside their shoes, they enable runners to take on long-distance races. Their secure fit also help prevent sweat, blisters and debris from getting inside your shoes. The result is more comfort and a better workout.

What are Performance Crew Socks? 

You’ll find performance crew socks in most guys’ sock drawers and department stores. Performance crews make a dependable everyday performance sock option when it comes to recreation and endurance sports. That’s because they are tailor-made for long-distance and off-road trail running, covering your entire ankle and a good part of your calf, which, in turn, provides comfort and promotes endurance. 

The Benefits of TRUEENERGY® Infrared Technology Cushion Crew Socks 

Our crews come up to mid-calf, where the material provides mild compression and TRUEENERGY® technology provides Infrared Energy. Additionally, our cushion crews have infused padding to reduce the impact on heavy landings, a comfortable welt top and seamless toes for comfort. Arch support keeps these crews in place and ensures your ankles don't get tired from all that pounding against hard surfaces. 

The unique infrared technology combined with moisture wicking capability, allows your feet to stay dry and run longer without worrying about blisters.  The crew’s comfort welt top with seamless toe provides additional protection from blisters.

TRUEENERGY® Infrared Technology Cushion Crew Socks also protect your lower leg from potential abrasion from rough brush, especially during off-road running. In addition, the material in our performance sock’s design keeps the sweat from running down your leg into your shoes. 

TRUEENERGY’s Other Choices 

If cushion crew socks aren’t your thing, you may choose from a variety of other performance socks. For instance, TRUEENERGY®s Low-Cut Socks work in much the same way. There’s also No Show Tab Socks, which are available in all the colors of the rainbow just for runners like yourself!  

No matter what exact type of socks you choose, your best bet is to select something from TRUEENERGY®. After all, they’re the only socks available that will boost performance and offer enhanced recovery, tissue regeneration and improved circulation.

Who Makes the Best Performance Socks?

There are a lot of running socks on the market that just don't provide enough support and comfort to get you where you want to be. Luckily, dressing your feet in the best performance socks doesn’t mean that you have to scour shoe store shelves, shop online or read scores of reviews for the latest offerings. 

Instead, you can trust our infrared-infused performance socks as being the best since they are trusted by everyone from professional runners to athletic trainers to everyday people like you and me. In light of that, we’ve put together some reviews of the finest options that will put your dogs first and allow you to keep your eyes on the prize!

Here’s what people are saying about TRUEENERGY® Performance Socks:

“ I call these ‘socks from the future.’ I wear them to work. I sit for long periods of time and my legs used to get restless. No more. These socks from the future are amazing!”

JEN F. — Customer


“I have used TrueEnergy socks for a couple of weeks now during the most physically demanding phase of my training for the upcoming masters track and field world championships in Spain. They seem to make a real difference in reducing soreness and speeding recovery.”

GEORGE HAYWOOD — Masters Sprinter & World Champion


“I want to throw away all my other socks.”

Lesa B — Customer 


“ For all the runners out there, these TRUEENERGY socks are the perfect all-in-one for my workouts. Whether I do a short track one or long-distance road course, these TRUEENERGY over-the-calf socks are excellent for the run and the recovery. As a long-time runner, these socks are functional and keep my legs fresh as well as stylish.” 

DANNY BAUCOM — Professional Trainer


“As somebody who works on their feet all day long, I was recommended compression socks by a friend. They have become life-changing. I can already feel the relief in my calves and feet. These compression socks have made my job so much easier now that I’m not in constant pain. These high-quality compression socks provide pressure relief. I highly recommend this brand.” 

LIZA S — Customer


“These socks fit well, did not slide down my ankles and are well reinforced. They are comfortable and well made.” 

Jim R — Customer

TRUEENERGY® Has the Best Performance Socks on the Market

As you can see, there are many benefits to wearing TRUEENERGY® performance socks. And TRUEENERGY® is the only company on earth that offers them. It’s no wonder that world record holder George Haywood and our other customers swear by them! If you’d like to learn more about TRUEENERGY® performance socks that are powered by infrared technology to improve circulation and tissue regeneration, you can click here to find out more.  

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