What are Basketball Socks and Can they Help Performance?

What are Basketball Socks and Can they Help Performance?

You may be asking yourself, "What are basketball socks?" And the answer is simple: they are socks designed specifically for playing basketball. However, there's so much more to them than that. Basketball socks come in a variety of styles and colors, but they all have one common goal—to improve your performance on the court. This guide showcases the benefits of wearing basketball socks, what's behind the best ones for the sport and how they can help you play your best game.

Basketball players wearing compression performance socks

What do Basketball Socks Do?

There are a few key things that basketball socks do differently than other types of socks. They:

  • Help improve blood circulation, which can lead to better energy and performance
  • Wick away moisture from the feet, keeping them dry and comfortable
  • Protect against blisters and hotspots, which can be expected when playing basketball for extended periods
  • Provide extra support and stability for the ankle, which is especially important when playing on an uneven surface
Basketball player making a jump shot

Types of Features on Basketball Socks

Here are a few main features to look for when choosing a high-quality basketball sock.


Most of the socks worn by basketball players are made from nylon and polyester or a synthetic cotton blend. Synthetic materials are typically used because they provide some stretch and retain their shape for a long time. They also offer durability and moisture-wicking properties.

TRUEENERGY® performance socks are made of a synthetic and cotton blend that wicks moisture and odor away from your feet. They also provide stretch-resistant properties that make them a long-lasting addition to your workout.


Basketball socks can come in different sizes. Some players prefer ankle-length, while others may prefer crew socks. There are others who prefer socks that come up just below the knee. Ankle length is the shortest of the bunch, while crew are 6-8 inches tall. 

Taller socks like crew and knee-high provide extra cushioning and support around your ankles, shins and calves which can help reduce muscle cramps and chance of injury.


The amount of cushioning you want in a basketball sock really depends on what you prefer and the type of surface you are playing on. If you are playing outdoors on concrete, you'll likely want more cushioning than if you're playing indoors on a gym floor.

TRUEENERGY® socks provide a reinforced heel and toe that brings you extra cushioning and support just where you need it. They also feature a unique arch band that keeps the socks comfortably in place while simultaneously cutting down on the rubbing that makes blisters.


The silhouette of performance socks determines the levels of comfort that your calves and ankles experience during exercise. If your sock is sliding around or just distracts you when you are playing, it takes away from an opportunity to play your best. Crew socks, like the TRUEENERGY® Cushion Crew, provide a fit that’s both comfortable and durable– perfect for a basketball game. In addition, basketball socks with designated right and left feet give better fit and comfort levels.   


Sports compression socks are really popular for athletes of all kinds, and basketball players can get a lot out of them too. The technology that's involved in creating sports compression makes it an ideal sock to use when you're playing any sport. Since the infrared and compression technology keep your muscles warm while controlling blood flow and relieving pain, like TRUEENERGY® socks, you can get the most out of your time on the courts.

Which Type of Basketball Socks is the Best?\

When looking for the best basketball sock for your workout, consider the features in above as your starting point. As far as what's best, the most popularly worn socks among basketball players are crew-cut and low-cut socks. 

Others wear two layers of socks to the court for the pillow-soft feeling that extra cushioning brings. Then again, it all boils down to a personal preference and what the socks bring to your game. 

Here is a little bit more about the top basketball socks that help improve performance.

Crew-Cut Socks

Crew-cut socks are the most popular style and come up to just below the knee. They provide extra support and stability for your ankle while wicking away moisture from your feet. Many athletes prefer the length and extra cushioning that crew-cut style socks provide. Another reason to go with this type is if you sport ankle braces. Crews will keep friction from occurring in that area, and they'll also add some extra warmth to your feet. 

Low-Cut Socks

As the name suggests, low-cut socks are shorter in length and sit just above the ankle bone. They're a popular choice for basketball players because they provide more ventilation than other styles, which is great for hot summer days. This style is perfect for indoor play or when you're on a hardwood surface. The low-cut socks at TRUEENERGY® have a smart combination of infrared-infused polyester, cotton, nylon and spandex that keeps them from stretching and helps insulate feet from wear and tear when you are playing on rougher basketball courts.

Knee-High Socks

If you're looking for the most cushioning possible, then knee-high basketball socks are a great option. They offer extra support around your shins and calves while playing, which is perfect if you frequently experience shin splints or other injuries. This style is also a good pick if you're playing outdoors on concrete or another hard surface. Knee-high socks are made with moisture-wicking fabrics to keep your feet dry, and many include compression technology for improved blood flow.

Two Socks Worn Together

You can commonly see basketball players of all ages wearing two pairs of long socks during a game or practice. The double-layer helps eliminate friction between your foot, the shoe and the ankle brace. Players can wear two pairs of TRUEENERGY® crew socks in solids and colored accents together to look stylish, but make sure they're not too bulky or you might experience discomfort while playing. 

How Can a Well-Made Sock Help Performance?


So just what goes into a good performing basketball sock? Let's recap what we've gone over to answer that question:

  • The right material—Synthetic fabric will provide some stretch and retain a basketball sock's shape for a long time. It also provides the durability, anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties you need to get serious about your game.
  • The best length—How long your basketball sock is adds to your performance too.  Most basketball socks come up to just below the knee, but there are also ankle-length and crew options on the market if you prefer that style. Ankle length is the shortest of the bunch while knee-high provides extra cushioning around your shins and sometimes calves as well.
  • A good fit—The right fit will give you just the amount of support needed for making your way up and down the basketball court, giving you a boost of confidence when you need to grab the ball on the rebound. Expanded heel pockets will provide you with a snug fit and some extra cushioning.
  • Optimal cushioning—Cushioning is key for a lot of athletes, and basketball socks need to have reinforced structures in their heel and toes to provide protection from the added shock absorption that comes from hard landings on the floor.
  • The right amount of padding—The toe pockets should have just the right amount of padding so that your movements are not constrained. Contours around the arch band of the foot can help since they give you a snug, locked-in sense of security.
  • Compression and infrared technology—And finally, the compression and infrared technology in TRUEENERGY® socks help to control pain and keep your muscles warm while controlling blood flow, giving you an edge over the competition.

Invest in True Energy Basketball Performance Socks Today

Here's the thing, you really can't go wrong with any type of basketball socks if they fit well and provide the features you need. TRUEENERGY® socks are a great investment for any basketball player who wants to up their game. Plus, they check all the boxes for the features you need. With infrared and compression technology, they are sure to help you achieve your performance goals. 

Be sure to check out our blog to learn more about the science behind our socks and how they can help you!