TRUEENERGY Salutes Master Athlete & World Record Holder George Haywood

TRUEENERGY Salutes Master Athlete & World Record Holder George Haywood

Winning any competition is something to be proud of, but winning a world championship gold medal in Masters Track and Field is definitely a huge accomplishment. George Haywood has done that twice in his best individual event, the 300-meter hurdles. To explain, Haywood first took the gold at the world championships in Lyon, France in 2015, a meet attended by 8100 athletes from 98 countries. He repeated the feat at the next world championships, in Perth, Australia a year later. In Masters Track, athletes compete in 5-year age brackets. Haywood won his medals in the M60 category, which is for men 60-years-old and over.



How TRUEENERGY® Socks helped Haywood Break a World Record 

On September 1, 2019, George and his three teammates set a new world record by running the 4x400 in only 4:01:03. How did they do it? Haywood gives some of the credit for their success to TRUEENERGY® socks.  

“I love my TRUEENERGY® socks. We just broke a ten-year-old world record held by the Australian national team in the Men’s 65 age group 4x400 meter relay, and my TE lo-cuts had me moving AFAP(as fast as possible)!” – George Haywood  



Winning is a Habit  

Among his many world and national titles, Haywood’s resume includes:  

  • Two-time Masters World Champion 300-meter hurdles in 60+ age group 
  • Triple gold medalist at the 2018 USATF National Masters T&F Championship: 
  • 1st Place – Men’s 300-Meter Hurdles (age 65-69) 
  • 1st Place – Men’s 800-Meter Run (age 65-69) 
  • 1st Place – Men’s 400-Meter Dash (age 65-69) 
  • Ranked #1 in the world 2015, 2016, 2017  & 2018 in the 300-Meter Hurdles  
  • World Record Holder – M65 4x200 indoor 
  • World Record Holder – M55 4x400 outdoor  
  • World Record Holder – M60 4x400 outdoor 
  • World Record Holder – M65 4X400 outdoor  
  • World Record Holder – M60 4x400 indoor 
  • World Record Holder – M65 4x400 indoor 
  • World Record Holder – M60 4x800 outdoor 

As you can see, Haywood has a history of achieving optimal performance. He finds ways to gain an edge over the competition whenever possible.  


Haywood says “I look at it this way. If you buy a high-performance sports car, you are not going to put cheap tires on it, because all of your contact with the road is through your tires. In the same way, as a runner, everything you do flows through your feet, ankles and calves. If they are not functioning right, you are out of business. You have to take the best possible care of them. So I wear TRUEENERGY® socks. I want the healing effect that their technology provides. I wear TRUEENERGY® for competing, for training, and I wear the over-the-calf socks around the house for therapeutic recovery.” 

Whether you’re an athlete or just looking for socks to wear to work or run errands in, TRUEENERGY® offers an entire line of socks to help you be your best!