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Infrared Energy & Compression - Compression Energy Socks | True Energy

Compression Energy Socks: Infrared Energy & Compression Unite

When you're pushing your limits and aiming for peak performance, every ounce of support becomes of key importance. Working hard is a part of the journey, but so is finding innovative ways to help your body rebound and refresh. Enter TRUEENERGY® Socks. More than just a standard sock, they're designed with a unique and innovative combination of infrared energy and graduated compression. In this article, we'll explore their distinct features, revealing why they stand as a transformative tool in your fitness and wellness arsenal.

What is infrared energy?

NASA, like many scientific organizations, typically defines infrared (IR) energy in terms of its position on the electromagnetic spectrum. Here is the infrared energy definition in general terms:

Infrared (IR) energy refers to electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than those of visible light and shorter than those of microwave radiation. This puts infrared wavelengths roughly in the range of about 700 nanometers (nm) to 1 millimeter (mm).

If we were to look at the electromagnetic spectrum, we'd find infrared waves situated right between visible light and microwaves. While we can't see infrared energy, we can feel it as heat. When you stand in the sun and feel warmth, you're feeling the effects of infrared waves.

Applications of Infrared Technology

NASA is particularly interested in infrared radiation because it can be used to study various astrophysical phenomena, understand Earth's climate, and for other scientific applications. Infrared telescopes, for example, can detect cool stars, nebulae, and galaxies, as well as phenomena like the cosmic microwave background radiation, which is a remnant of the Big Bang.

Also, TRUEENERGY® socks are powered by Infrared Technology. When combined with your body’s natural heat it forms infrared energy, which improves circulation, speeds up healing and tissue regeneration, and temporary pain relief. 

Infrared energy benefits

Infrared energy is more than just a buzzword in the wellness community; its proven benefits are tangible and can profoundly impact our overall well-being. TRUEENERGY® socks, leveraging the power of infrared technology, present a host of clinically proven advantages. Here’s a snapshot of what wearing these socks can do for you:

  • Pain Relief:
    • Offers temporary relief.
  • Sprains & Strains:
    • Eases tight joints caused by swelling.
    • Improves oxygenation to the affected area.
  • Arthritis, Tendonitis & Neuropathy:
    • Provides pain relief.
    • Enhances mobility.
    • Improves flexibility.
  • Soft Tissue Damage:
    • Stimulates cellular recovery.
  • Increased Circulation:
    • Maximizes blood flow.
    • Boosts oxygen levels in the blood.
    • Facilitates better nutrient delivery.
    • Reduces lactic acid buildup.
  • Improved Healing:
    • Augments the body's natural healing mechanisms.
    • Enables a quicker return to activity.
    • Comes with no side effects.
  • Muscle Spasms:
    • Relaxes tight muscles.
    • Minimizes muscle contractions.

The infrared spectrum is typically segmented into three distinct regions: Near infrared, which is closest to the visible spectrum and ranges from 0. (0.7-1) to 5 microns; middle infrared, spanning wavelengths from 5 to (25-40) microns; and the far infrared region, with wavelengths extending from (25-40) to (200-350) microns.

For therapeutic benefits, the energy in the far infrared region deserves special mention.

Far infrared energy

While the infrared spectrum is broad, there's a segment of it that’s known as far infrared (FIR). This segment has garnered significant attention due to its distinctive health advantages. FIR waves have the ability to penetrate deeper into our body compared to other infrared waves. This deep penetration amplifies therapeutic outcomes, such as detoxification and pain alleviation.

What makes TRUEENERGY® socks exceptional is their incorporation of this FIR energy. The socks are designed using TRUEENERGY® Infrared Technology, where infrared nanoparticles are integrated into the yarn. This innovative approach ensures that wearers benefit from the consistent and optimized delivery of FIR's therapeutic properties.

How Compression & Infrared Energy Come Together

When we talk about compression and infrared energy, it’s important to note that individually, they're extremely powerful. TRUEENERGY®'s infrared compression socks ingeniously combine the therapeutic benefits of infrared energy and compression. Here's why the fusion matters:

  • Optimum Performance & Circulation: Compression socks, by design, promote blood flow by applying calibrated pressure on the feet and legs. This mechanism is complemented by infrared energy, which expands capillaries, thereby further enhancing blood circulation. Together, they not only combat swelling and fatigue but also amplify nutrient and oxygen delivery to the muscles.
  • Unwavering Muscle Support & Amplified Comfort: The supportive nature of compression reduces muscle vibrations, which, in turn, diminishes the risk of microtears. Meanwhile, infrared energy, sourced from the high-tech yarn with embedded infrared nanoparticles, elevates comfort by assisting in muscle relaxation and counteracting spasms. This collaboration means less muscle fatigue, enabling wearers to consistently perform at their best.
  • Rapid Healing & Tissue Regeneration: FIR waves, recognized for their deep penetration, can significantly boost cellular recovery. When this is synergized with the enhanced circulation ushered in by compression, the result is swift tissue repair and accelerated recuperation from injuries and strains.
  • Enhanced Recovery & Sustained Wellness: TRUEENERGY® socks make the most of compression to magnify the circulation-augmenting effects of infrared energy. This mutual enhancement fast-tracks recovery, ensuring wearers are always at their peak, whether post-exercise or after a grueling day.
  • Relief from Pain & Discomfort: Pain and inflammation can be debilitating. The dual action of compression and infrared energy reduces swelling and inflammation, providing temporary solace from pain and allowing wearers to move freely.
  • All-encompassing Therapeutic Benefits: While compression zeroes in on aspects you can see with the naked eye, such as reducing swelling and offering muscle support, infrared energy operates at a more intricate level. It facilitates pain relief and detoxification and augments the body's intrinsic healing processes. Moreover, TRUEENERGY® socks, embedded with infrared crystals in the yarn, consistently deliver these benefits, which don't wane over time or washes.

In a nutshell, the convergence of compression and infrared technology in TRUEENERGY® socks offers wearers a comprehensive approach to foot and leg health. It's not just about feeling good for the moment but about fostering long-term health and recovery benefits. Through this potent combination, wearers get a tool that's proactive in health maintenance, recovery, and overall well-being.


Which electromagnetic wave transfers the most energy?

The shorter the wavelength and higher the frequency and energy the wave has, the more energy it emits. In contrast to infrared, microwaves, and radio waves, X-rays and gamma rays have shorter wavelengths and higher energy and frequencies. As such, they transfer the most energy compared to other electromagnetic radiation types.

What is the effect of the absorption of infrared energy on matter?

Infrared energy, when absorbed by matter, causes the molecules to vibrate, increasing internal energy, which is often perceived as heat. For instance, dogs primarily release their radiant heat in the infrared spectrum at a temperature of 37°C.

Ultraviolet vs. infrared energy

Ultraviolet (UV) energy has a shorter wavelength and is more energetic than infrared. While UV can be harmful and is associated with sunburns and DNA damage, infrared is perceived as warmth.

What type of energy does an infrared wave carry?

Infrared waves carry radiant energy, which is felt as heat.

What is infrared heat energy?

Infrared heat energy is a type of energy that we perceive as warmth. It's the same heat we feel from the sun, a fire, or a radiator.

What does infrared energy do to the body?

Exposure to infrared energy promotes an increase in blood flow and warmth in the targeted areas of the body. This is due to its ability to penetrate the soft tissues, muscles, joints, and bones, making it a popular choice in therapeutic applications like infrared saunas and heat lamps.

How do infrared socks work?

Infrared socks are made with special fibers that have been infused or embedded with materials known to emit infrared radiation. When your body’s natural body heat warms these materials, they begin to emit far-infrared radiation, which then penetrates the skin and tissues of the feet. 

This therapeutic effect can help to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and temporarily reduce pain, promoting overall foot health.

What are the benefits of infrared energy and compression in socks?

Socks that combine infrared energy with compression offer enhanced circulation, thanks to the blend of compression's promotion of blood flow and infrared warmth's vasodilatory effect. This synergy can alleviate foot pain, reduce inflammation, and aid muscle recovery, elevating workouts and energizing daily activities. At the same time, the socks help minimize swelling, particularly in individuals standing for long durations or traveling extensively.