How Compression Socks Can Help You During CrossFit

How Compression Socks Can Help You During CrossFit


How Compression Socks Can Help You During CrossFit {Best Socks for Crossfit} 

The CrossFit craze extends beyond just looking forward to following the Workout of the Day (WOD). You’ll also find that CrossFit enthusiasts enjoy planning their workout clothes around what helps them get the most out of their exercise routines. While you’ll definitely want to have a comfortable set of sneakers, it also helps to plan your outfit right down to the tiniest of details.

Compression socks do more than just make you look like an avid athlete. They’re specifically designed with elements that provide you with benefits such as improved blood circulation, reduced leg and foot swelling and cushioning that can prevent injuries. Finding the right socks for your workout routine helps you get more out of every jump you make.


Best Socks for CrossFit

For regular everyday wear, you might be able to get away with wearing an average sock. But CrossFit adds a few unique needs to your clothing requirements that you’ll want to think about as you shop. Working up a sweat places you at risk for fungal infections of the feet that can cause you to have to skip a much-needed WOD. That’s why you’ll want to start by making sure that the socks you wear are moisture-wicking and capable of standing up to frequent washing.

Intense strength training also involves moves that strain your lower legs and feet more. Socks with strategic cushioning on the balls of your feet and in the heels help to offset some of the shocks that the lower half of your body is forced to absorb. The best workout socks for CrossFit should also stay in place, so you’re not constantly having to stop your workout to readjust in an effort to prevent blisters and heel pain.

Compression Socks for CrossFit

In addition to looking for socks that fit well and provide cushioning, you’ll also want to consider the benefits of compression. If you’re new to how compression works, then it helps to know that studies have shown that clothing that provides gentle pressure on the legs can speed up post-workout recovery. Considering that throwing on a pair of socks is something that you need to do anyway, it makes sense to find the ones that best help you meet your workout goals. Now, all that you need to do is figure out which style of compression socks makes you feel and look like a winner.

Knee High Socks for CrossFit

Knee-high socks provide the best coverage when it comes to protection during your workout. Wearing socks that extend from your toes to the bottom of your knees helps to protect your legs from bumps as you perform a box jump or deadlifts. Knee highs further provide gentle compression that goes all the way up the lower part of your legs, which helps to prevent frustrating calf cramps.

These long socks for CrossFit are made with infrared technology that involves using special fibers that use your natural body heat to create energy that improves the blood flow in your lower extremities. Essentially, every extra ounce of energy that you throw into your workout also makes your socks work harder to improve blood circulation which speeds up cellular recovery, an invaluable asset for a crossfitter.

While you’ll want to wear your socks during your workout, you can also wear them during the post-workout recovery period to help stave off delayed onset muscle soreness that could tempt you to take a skip day. Make sure to keep an extra pair of socks in your gear bag handy so that you can switch to a clean pair after your post-workout shower. You’ll likely find yourself looking forward to the gentle pressure they provide that feels like a massage as your body cools down.

CrossFit Socks for Men

Finding that perfect CrossFit sock for men is sometimes frustrating when you have large feet or special requirements such as a need for anti-odor and moisture-wicking control. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered, and our socks come in easy sizing options that you can choose from based on your workout shoe size.

The right sock for men should reach the appropriate height on their calf. For the best crew socks for CrossFit, you’ll want to choose a pair that are about six to eight inches from the bottom of the sock heel to the top of the cuff. Over-the-calf socks should cover your entire bottom leg and stop just where the knee begins. Look for socks with a reinforced heel and toe to help reduce friction effects on your footwear as you take leg day to its maximum level.

CrossFit Socks for Women

The best CrossFit socks for women should also include compression and a perfect fit. While you can wear ankle socks on light leg days, you’ll want to make sure that they also provide gentle compression on the arch of your foot to help minimize foot strain and the risk of potential injuries. No show compression socks are a perfect solution.

Similar to what you see with our men’s socks, you’ll find that the easy sizing helps you to match your sock choice to your shoe size. Finding a set of socks in fun colors also makes it easier to get motivated for your CrossFit sessions. Plus, our Infrared ceramic crystals are infused into the fabric for increased durability. While you’ll appreciate the odor control technology, it also helps to know that you can wash your socks as much as you want while enjoying the benefit of your body’s natural body heat being converted into energy that promotes increased blood flow to your legs and feet.

Get Pumped Up for CrossFit With Compression Socks

Once you start Cross Training, you won’t want to stop. Before your next workout, look for socks that do more than just sit between your feet and shoes. TRUEENERGY® socks are designed to work with you during your workouts so that every jump, lift and squat builds stronger muscles that help you achieve your fitness goals faster.